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Another SAS Original Design on it's Way from A. Cairello and VIXA Watch!  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Mon Jul 18th, 2011 03:29 pm
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sspc wrote: romeo-1 wrote:
oagaspar wrote: seems everyone is using the SAS most original design...A.Cairelli is next in line with this Italian Forum fora watch!

Caro iscritto oagaspar,

Come sempre miglioriamo i nostri servizi, abbiamo inserito nuove rubriche molto interessanti:

La prima è VISTI SU EBAY: uno speciale spazio dedicato alle aste che potrebbero interessarci ma abbiamo bisogno dell'aiuto di altri forumisti per poter cogliere l'occasione o lasciare perdere.
La trovi qui: [url=http://www.orologiando.org/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=97]http://www.orologiando.org/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=97[/url]

Abbiamo inserito: OROLOGI RUBATI, seriali e altre notizie utili.
La trovi qui: [url=http://www.orologiando.org/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=98]http://www.orologiando.org/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=98[/url]
Un database che aiuterà la ricerca e fornira' un valido controllo on line.

La nuova rubrica dedicata ai GRUPPI di ACQUISTO, dove i forumisti possono accettare le offerte di fornitori disposti a fare sconti su qualche orologio comprato in certe quantità.
Merita dargli un'occhiata, in questo momento è attiva questa offerta: il Forum Watch A. Cairelli - Roma 2011 uno strepitoso orologio sub 1000 metri ad un prezzo strabiliante per gli iscritti: 268,00 euro con valvola ad elio, fino a che ce ne sono di disponibili, un'offerta per immergersi questa estate:

Orologiando vi augura una splendida navigazione!

Grazie per averci scelto.

Orologiando Internet Staff

You are a sad and pathetic little man to take such joy in the outright theft of this design.  Thankfully those with even an iota of intelligence (something of which is obviously lacking here) know    the real story and would not favor such brands as Crux with even a sideways glance.   Please do me a favor and ban me for life from this pathetic and deluded forum...I want nothing to do with this anymore.   My only regret is that Benarus, a stand-up model of how a watch manufacturer should be, is a sponsor here and not on a more legitimate site...

Oh, and if anyone wants to slag me for this post, I can be found on WatchUseek...with the adults.

Perfect Post Romeo.
I also regret Benarus is over here as one of the few reasons I have this forum membership (but don't post) is to have access to all forum Benarus pics. Some good info and good folks on this site but I find Oscar to be comical as his position on a watch company seems largely based on his personal involvement with a watch company.  I really can't take his opinions seriously.  He rips into Tempest  but Crux gets a pass. Pure comedy. 
Round of applause to Romeo for calling it like it is.  Oscar, Ban away! LOL.

at least have the balls to post under your real username ky70,...you are just another coward,3T has a No Ban rule,if you want to make a monkey of yourself,than who are we to say different...how else could I base my position on a watch company without personal involvement?,if I were to really rip Tempest it would have ended RIP...and btw,they came to me 1st,last year,and I declined because of the info I gathered!...the comedy is however you,undoubtedly a founding member of the Club,and we Thank you for making us laugh!dog smile.gif

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 Posted: Mon Jul 18th, 2011 05:38 pm
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I'm an idiot for posting here again, you banned that profile 2 years ago (LOL).  Remember that?  "If you want to participate on my forum, you must not participate on Forum X".  I had no idea about any forum wars or never heard any mention of 3T and whatever disagreement you had going on.  So I certainly did not comply with your silly request so that I could be re-instated.  As I told you then, I don't do high school ultimatums.

Nice to talk to you again...it's been a while.  Like I said, I'm PURE COMEDY and not to be taken seriously.

in an effort to not fuel this troll with anymore back and forth banter,everyone can check the members list and see ky70 is still an active membership,when I banned anyone belonging to Yamahakis forum,you may have been banned,but since he was outed as a liar,and his own forum turned on him,I lifted all bans and placed a no ban rule in effect,Jan.2010.

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