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NFL DRAFT  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sun Apr 27th, 2008 11:48 pm
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Paxman wrote: scottran wrote: Looks like the Steelers got an RB and a WR.  I hope they get some good offensive lineman so Ben has more time to make up his rattled mind since the crash.  He just hasnt been the same.

Isn't that the truth??crap.gif 

Well the Packers traded down and went with these for their first three picks.

WR Jordy Nelson
Kansas State
6'3" - 217 lbs.

(don't need)

QB Brian Brohm
6'3" - 232 lbs.

(who knows?)

CB Patrick Lee
6'0" - 200 lbs.


I have yet to be impressed by anything our GM Ted Thompson has done but I guees last years results weren't too bad... unless that was all dumb luck and the sheer will of a retired hillbilly! toon1.gif

Or as it CJ and me and the PPWs??




I'm waiting to see if the Browns trade one of their QB's for a 1st round pick!!!!!


I've been a Dolphins fan since 1971 and of late the really stink...so my 2nd team is the Eagles.......but my true love is College FB......GO STATE!!!  PSU that is!


Teddys Opion

Mark:  For peat sakes your team is young "kick a**s on defense already", they rock already.

Scott:  The steelers come on there always there and they always have studs for linebackers.

Gregger:  I understand the college thing, because I'm a big USC and UCLA fan, but bro your Dolphins have Bill Parciels running the picks, it's only a matter of time, before you start winning. well I think your still 2 yrs away though.

Oscar: Your browns were a surprise and most teams wish they had 1 quarterback, ya I think you have 2 and allot more talent on that team, then most fans relize.

Tony:  I really like you bro and your are terrific WIS brother and I have allot of respect for you buddy and I like your watch collection, but Tony...don't be mad at me but I have to be honest, Tony I'm so sorry, please forgive me, Tony your in the same boat as me your "your team sucks" and the person (for each owner,mang) running it sucks too.

John:  I already gave you my analysis of your team. 

I just want tell you guys, I don't claim to be expert on football or half way know what I'm talking about, I just thought I would you give my opioion....heheeeeesubtlelaugh.gif 


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 Posted: Mon Apr 28th, 2008 01:28 am
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Joined: Thu Jan 24th, 2008
Location: Southwestern Pa, Pennsylvania USA
Posts: 2222
  The steelers come on there always there and they always have studs for linebackers.


I know what you are saying Teddy but, The offensive line is hurting.   Ben has very little time in the pocket.  That new WR will be of no benefit if Ben doesnt have  time to get the ball to him.  As for the RB, I hope he can take a hit like Bettis.  Willy Parker is afraid to run up the middle and take a hit.  We need a guy who can knock some heads while hes barreling up the middle.

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