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 Posted: Wed Mar 18th, 2009 02:10 pm
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 Berg mentioned?????

 I have Girlie wrists too, and I will make them that I can wear, trust in me as you said even the 45mm Sea Devil wears smaller.

sparkii76 wrote: I love My new Sea Devil.....Moray is going to be spectacular. The Megalodon is one of the coolest concepts I have seen in a long time. I just think it will be too big for my wrist. You have heard of girlie wrists....well I have em'. My Orsa Sea Angler looks huge, but not to bad, Very comfy. My NAV B @ 44mm seems just right. The Sea Devil wears as if it is smaller than @ 45mm. I think 47mm might be pushing it for me. Although, Berg mentioned something about the lugs being at more of an angle to accomodate smaller wrists (6.25). I guess I could get get one and say Hi to it everyday in the watch box. mistake.gif

Benarus is on fire in My book and would hate to make a mistake and miss out!!!!What to do??What to do??????crap.gifcrap.gifcrap.gifcrap.gifcrap.gifcrap.gifcrap.gif