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 Posted: Sun Jun 11th, 2006 03:12 pm
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:shock:I have mucho pics on disc of THAT address. Most were taken during the destruction/rennovation stage and show a hollow 2 story shell of a building. I have pics of the address painted on the street curb and the dumpster out back on the parking lot.

I will have to hunt to find these pics, but I still have them along with some of the entry way/reception area (HA!), etc.

This entire farse has been perpetuated so freekin long that I grew hoarse from trying to tell the mindless sheep that this was a shyster operation............and I literally just kind of "lost" a ton of material I had obtained about Invicta and the Coifman/Lalo family.

I see my doctor Tuesday and if I can muster the energy soon thereafter I will start a search for the info I accumulated. I had criminal records, citations, lawsuit settlements, corporation changes/purchases, etc. Personal property records, tax liens and contractor disputes, incorporation records, financial reports (like for those grand CHARITABLE non profits (HA!) Lalo set up each time a disaster presented him an opportunity to capitalize on the situation!


Sorry for the rant......................have not slept since ????



e.avery wrote:
That is an old one, things have not changed that much.  I may have an old pic of that building.  It was not because I was impressed with it eather.  That address will not get me far but it is in Miramar.  Thanks MC.  The entire area is full of single story buildings the rent is not that high.  That is a second story address there is no way you could run a lot of product in and out of that location(just from a logic point of view).  That place is not.... This may be a real quick trip.

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