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 Posted: Mon Aug 23rd, 2010 12:59 am
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Every year when we take our Troop to Boy Scout summer camp the leaders like to enjoy a cigar during the day while the boys are out working on their merit badges (we can't smoke in front of the Scouts).  So I went to our local cigar store for something and asked the guys there to suggest something good.  After the owner understood I wasn't just looking for something to keep the bugs away ;-) he showed me some sampler packs they had from various cigar manufacturers.  His son suggested a few things, then pointed me to a package they just had from a cigar party sponsored by La Flor Dominicana.  It was a 6 cigar sampler with various sizes and wrappers, normally around $5-$10 per stick, the 6 of them were $35.  I thought why not and took them off to camp. 

Of the 6 varieties, I enjoyed the Air Bender, Ligero and Ligero Oscura the most.  The Double Ligero was a bit stronger than I usually smoke but still had a nice flavor.

Worth checking out!