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 Posted: Fri Jul 15th, 2011 05:00 pm
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Hi 3T,
I've been searching far and wide for red, cherry or wine colored leather straps for my 2 Laco Big Fliegers but just couldn't find any from our forum strap sponsors. The original Laco closed-loop straps are ok but I was just wanted to experiment with the total look.
So I flipped through a few ready-made strap sites and found these......just to tide me over until our strap sponsors can conjure the color I want. Why red? Well, in one of my researches on original straps for the Big Fliegers, I saw a few on cherry/red/wine leather (and these had olive green canvass linings inside the strap) and wanted to keep my Fliegers as close as possible to the originals of WWII.

These straps shown below are 26mm x 26mm x 4mm and are soft and supple. I'm not sure if they'd even look good on the Big Fliegers but I was struck by their patterns.

Original buckles are "so-so" and "ho-hum" so I added a couple of brushed close as I could to ti to match the ti-like case of the big Fliegers. Pre-V buckles will never look good on a Big Pilot/PilMil. Hard to find 26mm sparta in ti.

Tell me what you think, 3T. Will pull out my Fliegers soon and will fit the straps for Part 2 of this post. Thanks for your opinions, both positive or brutal!




The entire shipment