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 Posted: Wed Dec 21st, 2011 07:58 am
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Always wanted to put together my own watches, and after quite a bit of discussions back and forth with good friend William (aka Hammerfjord), I finally assembled my first hand cranker last night. thankyou.giffor all the insight and help William! Much appreciated
you rock.gif

I used quite cheap parts on this one, and an asian 6497 movmement (that is surprisingly good quality imho) It took quite some time, and the learning process has been the best part of this whole ordeal (and of course finally being able to wear my own"creation" on the wrist)

Also used the asian 6497 to practice disassembling the movement, and reassembling it. So pretty confident about that specific movement at least, and it took some fine regulating also before it was to specs (being a hour/minute hand only watch, I had to take away the seconds stem on the movement, so haven`t timed it precisely, but looks like it`s well within "good enough" at least, and can`t see that it has lost or gained anything since last night. Time will show (no pun intended) But no sec means I can live with it being not 100% I think.

Now for some pic`s (the clutter on the work bench is put there for the picture, not really sure why I did that, but seamed like a good idea at the time, half past twelve last night ...)

Now I just need to make a 26mm strap for it, as I only have made 22mm and 24mm before ...


Next in line is a Marina Militare hommage with a Titanium case, sub sec@9 sandwich dial and a ETA 6497 Cotes de geneve movement with blue screws. Just waiting on a few more parts and daddy`s got some tinckering to do over Christmas, hehe. Looking forward to it BIG time.

Of course, would be a lot easier just to buy a nice hommage, but not as fun

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