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 Posted: Sun Apr 28th, 2013 03:28 pm
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[size=4 My best mates and I had a great time Saturday night getting a brand new jukebox to belt out Beatles, Kalapana and Earth, Wind and Fire songs. We failed and blew out the darned fuses.

But I opened this very special, very well-selected bottle of single malt from Suntory of Japan and I can very confidently say this is the best of all single malts I've tried to-date (calling Tony, Chris and William to jump in).

This was 18 year old class and I was expecting a velvety smooth trip of the poison down my throat but as it turned out it was a little rougher, a little more memorable, much like a 12/15 year old.....but still smoother and more fragrant. I was very surprised at the punch from an 18 year old.

IMHO, this trumps my fave Lagavaulins, Bruichladichs and Laphroig Quarter casks. I think it's the very best from the Japanese harvests, better even than another popular brand from the same maker.

Here are some pics. For safety, I wore an AutoZilla (LOL)

It's all gone now and I enjoyed it. Tony, somebody forgot to bring the Cubans that night, though.