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 Posted: Fri May 3rd, 2013 04:11 am
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bigrustypig wrote: have very sharp eagle eyes. yes, the color is purity in a glass, no haze at all. We downed 2 bottles to include an Oban.

The Cubans may have caused us to drink 3, TD. (LOL)

@Chris.....unsure if this one is available in the US. I got this in Tokyo on one trip some time back. I just hope the Hakushu isn't a JDM otherwise it would be such a waste of good whisky. Hard to describe if peaty/salty because this grain is from the Japanese Alps, in the south. But you may have nailed what I was trying to say via the comparisons.

I'm waiting for the Sheriff to chime in. He may have tried this out.

Oh man Jeff...dangerous indeed my friend!!! 3 including the Oban!!! mistake.gif subtlelaugh.gif

You apparently have the tolerance of a Rhino, and definitely chose the right timepiece for the occasion!!! and toughness first for sure!!!

I looked into the Hakushu 18 and see that it is not really a Peated whiskey in profile, but it sounds spectacular (Hakushu is also producing some Peated whiskeys in its lineup). I'll still have to see if I can get it in the US...I'm always looking to expand my palate, so you've got me intrigued to try some Japanese whiskeys!