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 Posted: Fri May 3rd, 2013 09:14 am
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This Hakushu isn't imported in Norway Jeff... But others are.
Those I've seen are expensive compare to the others I drink from Scotland( and Whales)
The Yamazaki 18 y.o was selling at 190 US$ the bottle. It's gone now.
The Chichibu Single Malt New Born heavily peaked is available for 190$.

The Nikka Single Malt Yioichi 15 y.o is available now and seems to be the best compare to the Karuizawa Asama single malt.
The Nikka cost 147 $.

I'm not into trying every kind of whiskies around and since it's not cheap here, I buy sure values...
I bought my second bottle of Penderyn Madeira Single Malt and this one cost 86$ here.
Also I'm more of a traditional guy.
I don't buy vodkas which are from other countries than Poland, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and I mean really distilled there.
Same for my Scotch...