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 Posted: Mon Aug 12th, 2013 10:46 pm
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Tony Duronio

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OldeCrow wrote:
Every time I seat a crown and stem i bung up the keyless works, back out comes the movement and dial off go the hands and dial, take apart the keyless reset all the fricken levers and sheite, back together it goes, back goes the dial, and hands, back in the case and another try at installing a crown and stem and if the planets are not aligned correctly and I don't make just the right funny looking face while installing the crown and stem I get to start all over again... worst design in history, the engineers at eterna should be strung up on light poles for designing this and aholes at swatch should follow them immediately for not changing the design when they bought it!

2892's don't have this problem, nobody elses movements are this fragile while installing a stem, I can't freaking wait for the Japanese to finally drive the last nail in the coffin of swiss watch making and put them out of my misery for good!


I feel a little bit better now... I'll come back and vent some more later if I have to reset the keyless works again! subtlelaugh.gif