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 Posted: Tue Aug 13th, 2013 05:03 pm
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Oscar it's easy to love swiss watches when you don't have to work on them! dog smile.gif

I don't know if you have had much opportunity to play with the 7750 but it's been my experience that it is an amazingly stable and durable movement and one of the easiest to make run within chronometer spec's and for long periods of time with little deviation and with little maintenance. I haven't found anything else out there like it.
I have a 7750 that doesn't deviate by more than 2 seconds in a month and has run this way for years!

I haven't warmed up to the 2894 yet, still waiting for a chronograph design from the ground up and the 2894 is an evolved version of the 2892+soropod chronograph module. I don't dislike it but if I have a choice I might choose something else...
I also haven't owned the 2894 yet so my experience is limited to drooling at somebody elses watch!

Anyway one nice thing about all these new miyota 9015 powered watches is that the ETA 2892 will interchange with it (movement geometry is the same, dial feet, hand sizes are different) so I see some interesting custom builds in the future!