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 Posted: Thu May 29th, 2014 10:23 pm
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exc-hulk wrote:
stew77 wrote: exc-hulk wrote:
stew77 wrote: GP Sea Hawk 1K


I love the surface of the dial.

The date window looks so deep

Thanks my friend! thumbsup.gif

The GP is REALLY cool...awesome rough dial finish, and you are correct, the date window sits really deep below the dial surface which is also very unique! Not to mention the killer asymmetric case!

BTW...the A1 looks sweet as always today...perfect combo on the CUDA! thumbsup.gif

Of course, the asymmetric case. thumbsup.gif Looks a "bit" like my Pantor Sea Horse. homerthinks.gif

Yes...a bit like your Pantor Seahorse (I had completely forgotten you had that one). thumbsup.gif