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 Posted: Sat May 8th, 2010 08:35 pm
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OK guys, here it is "Big Bite" is revealed. party.gif

My wife Lisa has been creating pieces like this for a couple years now, we all know the mosaic pictures we see that when you stand close to them you can not make out what it is, as you step away the image comes into focus.

Lisa refers to these pieces as "art that reflects life" - many times in life when we look at something to closely we can't really see what we are looking at, when we take a step back it all comes into focus.

She starts with a photograph, any photograph, from there she determines the color schema, purchases the material and gets to work.  This is the first time she has done an inanimate object, all of the other pieces she has done have been of people, a wedding photograph, a photo of a couple celebrating their anniversary, a child's sporting event, a celebrity, or anything else.

This piece is of one of our favorite watches here at 3T the Megalodon (get it Big Bite) in our favorite 3T colors.  It is 31.5 inches by 24.5 inches and was created with over 12,800 1/4 inch pieces (that's not a typo, I said 12,800 1/4 inch pieces) of material in 12 different colors/patterns.  Check out the last picture, it shows the size of the individual pieces in relation to a dime.

You will see when looking at the pictures that as the camera get's further from the piece the image is more a couple of the more close up shots you will see how the image disappears.

This piece is available for sale and if you would like to commission a piece of one of your watch photos, or one of the other themes mentioned above she is happy to work with you to come up with a design.  Look at it as an original piece of art that is pleasing to both you the watch collector and your significant other, take it as an opportunity to show your significant other that being a WIS can have it's advantages.

Any of the pieces can be hung on a wall  with hooks like a tapestry or it can be matted and framed...Big Bite is still in a state that either can be done.

If you are interested in this piece or a commission please PM me, if you want to see some of Lisa's other work her website is

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