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 Posted: Mon Jan 21st, 2013 06:42 pm
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Let me start by saying... Wow!

So, I'm not a watch collector, or connoisseur, or master watch builder. I like watches, and have quite a few... Marathon SARs, Seikos, Omegas, Tourbys, etc... I'm particularly fond of my Seiko Sumo; it's been the one I wear the most outside of the SKX007 and my 2006 non cyclops SAR. The problem is that, each of those watches... as great as they are, always come up short in one way or another. None are just quite perfect.

The Sumo- Love it, but the recessed bezel..
The 007- A classic, but a tad too small for my 8.5 inch wrists
The Tourby Big Pilot- Awesome, but not a beater by far
The SAR- love it, except the crown at 3:00

So I was on the search for the one that was going to do it all. I wanted that tool looking, waterproof, Marathon-like bezel, crown at 4:00, big big big watch.

I was seriously close to pulling the trigger on the 45mm Shark Diver, but the crown was still the compromise and I just couldn't get myself to hit the pay button.

I had never heard of the A1, even in all of my web searching, I stumbled on it while reading yet another review of another watch, just a short reference about the "A1"

WOW! It was love at first sight. Everything the Sumo has for style with the SAR bezel and 4:00 crown, and it is gloriously HUGE!!! I wasted no time ordering the Miyota black dial (I LOVE Miyota's, so added bonus there).

It was here in 3 days, insane!!

What a great experience, what a great watch. I'm a convert. The only downside? I'll have to start saving for another, and another, and another...

If you're someone that's on the cusp about buying this watch and you're reading this- do it!!! You will not regret it!! It's such a great watch, I literally joined this forum just to say so.


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