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 Posted: Wed Jan 23rd, 2013 08:03 am
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LOL! Thanks!! It's not like I need a lot of encouragement to spend my money on watches..


For the life of me, I can't figure out what took me so long to discover the A1, though. I mean, it's not like I don't spend my spare time on the 'net looking at toys (flashlights, knives, watches..)

Had I stumbled across it sooner, I could have probably saved myself some coin trying to land my grail watch with all the others.

Anyway, I'm going to try to get some better shots this week. Even after I "found" the A1, it was tough to see how it stacked up to some of the other pieces I have in my collection. I found a few decent ones, like a comparison to the Black Monster and the Shark Diver, but little else. The pilot watches are a great comparison now that I have the A1: I can say that the A1 delivers that pilot watch size (if you like BIG watches) with much more comfort. The 4:00 crowm does the trick.

Plus, some of the user reviews are a little behind the times. This current Miyota version shipped with both the bracelet and rubber, plus has the domed crystal which is really sweet.

At first, it was hard to understand why the price was significantly higher than what folks were reporting they payed a few years ago for the older Miyota movement and flat crystal. This is a significant upgrade and well worth the extra $$$. The bracelet is very well done, right up there with the Marathon SAR steel. In fact, the screw links are better executed. Plus, the 9015 movement hacks... I wasn't expecting that. My Maratac Pilot watch has the 8245, which has been great, but it doesn't hack and the 9015 is significantly quieter.

I should also note that there is ZERO distortion form the crystal. My Maratac sports a domed crystal, but I'll be darned if it's readable form any angle other than straight on. What a difference in the A1!

I can confirm what others have reported with respect to the lume, it's insane. I've never had a watch where I can see the lume glowing in daylight, literally. A few seconds in direct sunlight and this thing becomes a flashlight.

I know I'm gushing here, there are a few very minor things that stand out as not so perfect out of the box:

It's a tool diver, no question about it, the edges do not have that "bar of soap" quality. The Sumo beats the A1 hands down in theis department. But, it's not uncomfortable when wearing the watch. I only notice this when I'm handling it

The crown threads are not exactly smooth, however, the dental floss trick fixed that right away

The lume on the bezel is exposed... time will tell if it stands up to any abuse, or wears off at all

Lastly, the clasp could learn a lesson from Seiko, or any of the deployant clasps. I think it needs the dual push buttons on the side as a release vs. the friction fit. It doesn't "snap" as much as I'd like and is not exactly easy to get on or off. It does the job, just feel it could be refined a bit

Anyway, there you have it... hoping some other potential first time A1 purchaser benefits from this feedback. The bottom line is that it's an astounding value; not sure much else comes close to be honest, in any price range



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