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 Posted: Wed Apr 3rd, 2013 10:01 am
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oagaspar wrote:
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Willy Fog wrote: Hello!

Anyone have a phone number to contact Chris?

I contacted him (by mail) during two days cause I need his help (REALLY URGENT) and I got no answer.

Best regards
there is no contact phone#...just send Chris a pm here on 3T,he always answers his pm's... ArmidaThumbsUp02.gif

Thank you!

Still no answer by mail. I'm thinking that I will cancel the payment by paypal and reject to take the watch from fedex.

Paypal isn't just going to cancel the payment,there is a process that takes many days,and there has to be a good reason....what is your problem with Customs?


Did you see my last message?

Everything looks ok now.

My problems with customs was, that if I don't have a copy of the invoice, they don't allow me to take the watch. Still didn't get this copy.

Reason why I wanted to take the money back, cause I don't have watch, I have contacted the seller and didn't provide the invoice that I requested many times.

I really like the watch and will not be the last Armida that I'll buy, THAT'S FOR SURE! So I tried to go with empty hands to customs and finally, I had luck.

Best regards
Customs should know that the invoice is in with the Customs papers with the watch,this is how all companies ship to other countries,all you would have to do is show identification...I know many companies who refuse to ship to Russia because of problems/theft going on within Customs...

I know, Chris told me that the invoice arrived with the watch, but customs here they asked me to present:

1- Copy of the invoice
2- Copy of the payment (by paypal this time)
3-Copy of passports
4-Link to website where they can see the details of the watch and price
5-Many documents that they provide where I should put again, price, material, size, for man or for woman, weight, country.... many things!
6- After i went to Fedex, they gave me after fill some documents, the copy of they invoice and some other documents. Later to customs where after 2 hours waiting, they asked me many, many questions, one of this questions was, WHY YOU DON'T HAVE COPY OF THE INVOICE?? I had luck, my wife talked and she knows how to deal with them, so finally, we got the OK! We called back Fedex and told them. Now, I should wait 24 or 48h to get the watch in home.

Maybe something happened with Chris, usually he reply the mails really fast.

Best regards