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 Posted: Thu Jul 31st, 2014 12:59 pm
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bigrustypig wrote:
exc-hulk wrote:
Hey Jeff,

sounds like you're not yet "released" to do something what you will !
Neither at home nor at work. subtlelaugh.gif

Jeff I hope that your third mission comes quickly to an end !
And we will see you here back again soon ! thumbsup.gif
Safe travels Jeff !

PS: What you mean with DWC (Dive Watch Connection ?) ?

PPS: regarding my avatar, thanks Jeff, I like it too !

Herr Philip, DWC is Daily Wrist Check....where you are most usually the early bird.

Something about your avatar......I can't seem to make out the watch on her wrist......get distracted so easily

Oft course, Daily Wrist Check. I am an Idiot dog smile.gif

subtlelaugh.gif I think she wears a Rolex or an DOXA