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 Posted: Sun Mar 1st, 2015 10:39 am
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That is a beauty on the wrist. Are you going through the strap change virus? Congrats

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oagaspar wrote:
hansruslie26 wrote: oagaspar wrote:
Welocome to 3T and Congrats on your new Armida!...Customs should be no problem since the watches are shipped from Hong Kong imho.ThumbsUp02.gif

Thanks! Well, a congratulations might be too soon, as the watch is still on the way here :D
But still, so excited for the watch! And as I promised earlier, will post some photos about it when it finally arrived.
Thank you good sir.

Cheers! :)
waiting to hear your good news Buddy!ThumbsUp02.gif

Oh man, I didn't realize that I haven't send a reply to this thread since December..
Well the good news is the watch had arrived safely,.