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 Posted: Mon Nov 6th, 2017 05:13 pm
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I have no advice on Instagram Oscar I don't Facetwit either, I consider such things an invasion of nerdspace by normal people and I'm morally opposed to it. subtlelaugh.gif

In Photobucket news I got a dear john letter from Photobucket telling me they haven't had a plus20 plan since 2015 and that I had been grandfathered in (and they were happy to take my money all this time too) but needed to upgrade, It's actually cheaper to host your images on your own domain than pay for their top tier service (you can get hosted space with a few gig of storage for your photos and have your own forum or blog too for less than 20 a month)I may setup a new domain for my watch stuff and retire one of my other domains that I don't really use anymore... Get a blog going and setup a photo catalog...

I like the simplicity of imgur but really miss being able to have sub folders like photobucket does...