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Joined: Sat Apr 11th, 2009
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Posts: 7506
Hi 3T Buddies, a few months ago I thought I had finally retired and therefore spent some time doing a few renovations to my humble home. Things like project managing new bathrooms, new carpets, a new kitchen, general re-painting, tidying up the garage etc occupied a good part of the past 2 months. In between these activities, I became an driving teacher to my daughter and an accidental and reluctant gardener. Upon strict orders of Mrs BigRustyPig, I had to do the %^$#^&&*% gardens to prepare for the winter. My inability to post pics regularly ends here. I will soon return to the DWC.

Now, it's all done. But it looks like I have to AGAIN ship myself back to Asia to take on another mission and tour of duty. This is my 3rd "unretirement" So I guess my life will be turned upside down again.

In all this time, I have been a good boy and did not buy any new toys....except for the Squale Heritage. I shot down 2 pieces...one for me and one for my eldest son.

So expect me back again. I miss 3T. Herr Philipp.....love that avatar, amigo!

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