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 Posted: Fri Jan 4th, 2013 09:29 pm
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My wife has 3 Mont Blancs, all of which I procured for her. Her job requires quite a bit of paperwork, so they're a natural fit for her. My job doesn't really require a lot of writing. Due to her enthusiasm for pens in general(she'll tell you she's a pen whore. lol), I've gotten pretty curious about them. I think maybe the allure of a fountain pen is much like a mechanical watch. Quartz/digital is typically cheaper and easier for telling the time, but there's something satisfying about telling time using old school technology that will last a lifetime when cared for. Same with the fountain pen. I can get a cheap Bic to write with, but putting the care and effort to use a pen as my Grandfather did, would seem to be a bit more substantive somehow.